Why CUNY?/Why Preventative Law?

The Community Advocacy Center has been funded through the City of University of New York since 1988 and from its inception, we have become the model program for all other Preventive Law Programs throughout the Country. The City University of New York has signified its commitment to this Program through the involvement of York College and The CUNY Law School.

Dean Haywood Burns of CUNY Law School stated, “Just as medical schools engage in preventive medicine, our role should be to engage in a type of “preventive law” to educate the wider public to their legal rights and help immunize them against foreseeable legal difficulties. We will do this through outreach programs in the schools, civic organizations, senior citizen centers and other community organizations."

The City University of New York (CUNY) has a unique opportunity to address these needs among the residents of New York City and to work toward the achievement of preventive law. Through its wealth of academic resources, public health expertise, strong community relations and exceptional student body, CUNY has established itself as an integral component in the lives of individuals living in New York City and is prepared to address the legal difficulties among New York City’s Senior and disabled populations.

Among these opportunities it should be set forth that:

  • The CUNY Law School will continue to work in cooperation with the Community Advocacy Center and York College in developing a model Preventive Law for the Elderly Program in New York City that can be implemented in other regions of the country.
  • York College and the CUNY Law School will continue working together to create clinical programs consisting of courses, training sessions and professional supervision focused on providing the academic background and developing the requisite skills to individuals providing preventive legal services for the elderly.