Our Objectives

The objectives of the Preventive Law for the Elderly Program are therefore:

  1. To create and foster a staff committed to establishing outreach programs for poor and minority senior citizens which will educate them about the laws that impact upon their lives.
  2. To make the concept of preventive law as well known as preventive medicine, so older adults will be able to recognize and diagnose potential legal programs before these problems become too costly, too critical or too advanced to treat.
  3. To create a university-supported model program which supplies the necessary academic training and supervised hands-on experience to prepare personnel, so that similar preventive law programs can be established in senior citizens centers throughout the United States.
  4. York College and the CUNY Law School have developed and is offering courses in Preventative Law for the Elderly.  See 395 York College and the Elder Law Clinics at the CUNY School of Law.