About Us

Although some people have yet to understand what Preventive Law is, we quote the words of Louis Brown, (the father of Preventive Law) taken from his book, Lawyering Through Life, The Origin of Preventive Law, (Fred B. Rothman and Co., Littleton, Colorado 80127, 1986):

“In Preventive Law, we seek to prevent legal problems, we also try to identify legal opportunities and develop methods so that people become aware of benefits in time to take advantage of them”.

The Community Advocacy Center’s Preventive Law Program operates by implementing the following services:

  • LEGAL AWARENESS CLINICS: The Legal Awareness Clinics serve as the linchpin in the Preventive Law for the Elderly Programs. Benefits and Entitlements are describe, intake interviews are conducted and applications, as well as assistance in their completion are made available.
  • ADVOCACY INTAKE: Staff and interns conduct intake interviews to collect information from seniors who solicit assistance using the intake interview sheet we have-developed. Each case handled is discussed at weekly inter-agency staff meetings where necessary action plans for each client are formulated.
  • THE LEON VON HOLDEN GRANDPARENT RESOURCE CENTER: The Leon Von Holden Grandparent Resource Center is a place where seniors can gather and learn about their legal rights as grandparents. It was designed to help older adults understand their rights to visitation and custody of their grandchildren. 

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