Our Goals

We must prepare for the aging population and establish inter-generational grandparent resource centers.  More that 7 Million grandchildren live within 1 mile from their grandparents’ home. The baby boomers have begun to retire.

We must look for solutions:

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid represent two-thirds of the national budget. At the local level we must look at senior centers, inter-generational programs, court based programs and school programs.


We must rebuild, refurbish and restore:

  • Rebuild: We will rebuild Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid services.
  • Refurbish: We will refurbish grade schools, high schools, colleges, law schools and civic groups for such programs.
  • Restore: We will restore funding for inter-generational programs and restore funding to the Court based access to justice programs to provide services and be ready with solutions for our aging population.