Political Science 395, York College, Prof. Angelo A. Digangi: Student Reflections

Student Reflections by Brandie S. (Senior in York College, 2013)

          In reflection on the day of the Community Advocacy Centers fourth annual conference on November 21, 2013 was astounding. It was such an honor to be apart of the class and contribute towards CAC and the Grandparents Resource Center production to the Conference on the Aging. The best part was watching all the seniors from the different boroughs really enjoy themselves and learn how to better their life and family’s life. The seniors were so appreciative to receive invaluable knowledge that will help them enjoy the rest of their golden years. Lastly, I enjoyed working with my team, who is always supportive; it was a wonderful moment to see all the hard work put in the project to see how important it was to complete a project for the backbone of our society.

          The Community Advocacy Center is such a prominate role in society, more important than the city officials know Dr. A Digangi, Esq. has placed a lot of hard work and resources in establishing and maintaining the existence for advocacy. When I first started the course I did not understand what advocacy meant to civil society or the people that rely on it. If I were to explain what advocacy meant to me, it would be described as the ability to apply skills and the law with passion to protect the roots of our heritage. The Community Advocacy Center was able to provide this in a conference so that elder adults were able to arm themselves with resources and knowledge, that they would not have access to if left on their won. It is a very prestige honor to have contributed to the activism that the Community Advocacy Center provides. The Community Advocacy Center was able to give wonderful resources like The Digangi Law Firm, Dean Carlos Flynn, Dean Chirico, wonderfully activist Alicia Falls and Pearl Broughton.

          Over the course I have been able to witness the effect the Grandparents Resource Center has provided through the Community Advocacy Center. The Grandparents Resource Center has appreciative seniors. The relationship that develops in the Grandparent Resource, makes you think of Dean Carlos Flynn quote, “who have you helped and what have you learned today”? While working with the Community Advocacy Center and the Grandparents Resource Center I have been able to answer those two questions, like Dean Carlos Flynn says. We as a group were able to accomplish an amazing task that will enlighten so many seniors.

          The most enjoyable experience along with helping senior adults with pertinent information is working with the team. The team was supportive and responsive to the needs of the seniors. The team knows that there was a lot at stake. The average senior is not able to just get up and go out and have a safe productive day. The team was able to deliver this and so much joy that seniors need this time of year. Some seniors may have critical health, lost a spouse or just need to know there is someone that cares about them. The team of the Community Advocacy Center not only brightens up senior’s day but also mines, it was the most fulfilling assignment that I have done since I started college. 


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